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Conversion Architecture

At WSI we use a methodology called conversion architecture™ to build websites that achieve high conversion goals for our clients.

Before we even look at website design we sit down with the client and complete our information architecture document.  This is a questionnaire type format where we learn about YOUR business and YOUR target market. The process starts with developing a different persona for each category of customer that you have.

To help personalise the experience we give your customer persona a name.  Let’s say the customer profile is a successful businessman in his fourties – We’ll call him Robert.  Our goal is to design a channel on the website specifically for Robert.  What sort of problems does Robert face?  Why does he use your product or service? What “tone” would Robert expect – formal, conversational etc.

By profiling a customer persona for Robert we help improve Robert’s experience on our website but more importantly, we increase the chance that he will convert!

Need help perfecting your sales workflow?