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Leads are the lifeblood of most businesses and nurturing these leads so they convert into Sales is critical for any organisation looking to grow. There is no single magic bullet that guarantees success but having a cohesive strategy will help you build a digital marketing plan that delivers results and grows your revenue. At WSI, we have developed a clear process that aligns your marketing and sales goals. This process starts with... you guessed it... a plan...

Digital BluePrint

You wouldn't build a house without a plan.

The team at WSI start every new digital campaign with a solid marketing strategy. As a Digital consultancy, we specialize in digital marketing strategy with a firm focus on B2B lead generation.

Usually, this process begins with a discovery project to help our clients ascertain there target personas, competitors, goals & from there we put together a series of tactics to build the strategy.

Demand Generation

Generating Demand In A Competitive Environment.

Even if you have a beautifully-designed, innovative, market-leading product, leaving your marketing to chance, or hoping your customers will find out about your services organically, is not a viable approach.

Demand generation does exactly what it says on the tin: it generates demand for your product or service through the use of a highly-targeted advertising campaign.

Inbound Marketing

Enable Your Customers To Find Your Business.

Inbound marketing is more than just attracting as many people as you can to your website. It’s about attracting the right people.

But who are the “right” visitors?

They are people or companies who have a problem that only your company can solve -- and solve way better than anyone else. Some companies are a good fit for your services, and some just aren’t.

Conversational Marketing

Humanizing The Buyer Experience.

Your customers may not always want to talk to a human, but they do want a human-like connection where they can get answers to their questions quickly.

They don’t want to have to fill out a form with their email address and phone number so they can be assigned a stage in your marketing funnel and wait for a time that suits you to call them back!

Video Marketing

Engage Audiences With Brand Visualisation

Video has always been considered an important tactic for brands who are looking to build awareness for their product or service, but there have been many false starts.

Every digital marketer has been saying that this would be the year that video takes off.

Account Based Marketing

A Targeted Approach To Generating Leads.

For many companies, the approach to lead generation starts with casting the net wide to attract as many potential prospects as possible into the top of the funnel using demand generation techniques, segregating them according to their interest level and then nurturing them through the funnel until the qualified leads pop out at the bottom of the funnel.

There is nothing wrong with this approach but for some companies, especially if they are looking for prospects in a niche vertical, there is a more efficient way of approaching the lead generation challenge.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Achieving Personalisation In Your Messaging.

By now, you’ve used demand generation and inbound marketing tactics to find qualified prospects and introduce them to your brand, as well as worked out who you should target through account-based marketing, and how you should contact them through conversation marketing.

Now you need a way to manage these contacts to ensure you can best nurture them through the pipeline, with the aim of shortening the sales cycle and making it more efficient and effective.

Lead Nurturing

Keeping Your Prospects Engaged Throughout The Sales Funnel.

Once you have the right CRM and marketing automation platform in place, you can now manage your contacts right from the initial introduction to them becoming a qualified lead.

This process is referred to as lead nurturing.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Connect Your Teams Using Smart Systems.

One of the major goals of any organisation should be to align the sales and marketing teams so they are working in harmony, as it can improve the quality of leads being generating, as well as increase the conversion rate of these leads.

If the two teams can’t collaborate then they won’t be able to effectively build relationships and best serve the customers.

Converting Visitors To Leads

Maximize Conversions For Your Campaigns.

Getting people to visit your website through demand generation and inbound marketing is only half the battle.

There are so many “shiny new objects” in today’s digital landscape the important role that your website plays in the lead generation process is often overlooked.

Marketing Insights

Turn Your Data Into Actionable Insights.

You have built out a killer lead generation strategy.

You’ve launched your demand generation and inbound marketing campaigns. Your content marketing plan, complete with the latest conversational and video marketing tactics, looks amazing. You’ve set up all your workflows to manage and nurture leads.

The question everyone is afraid to ask… Is it working?