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LinkedIn Executive Coaching

You may have heard the term “social selling” buzzing around blogs and other marketing circles and perhaps wondered if it was something that could apply to your own business. This term is nothing new, but like most things on the web it has evolved and LinkedIn has proven itself an incredible tool that countless salespeople across the globe swear by to help acquire, nurture and close leads. It’s basically another tool in your marketing toolbox.


So does this relate to you and your business? Absolutely! Businesses of all types of verticals can benefit from leveraging their social profiles to position themselves as an expert in their field, establish relationships, build trust and ultimately turn them into sales. It can benefit:

Business Owners – you can keep tabs on your marketing team ensuring they are adhering to and practicing the knowledge given to everybody at the seminar. Motivate your staff to stick to this game plan and the entire company will feel the benefits of a successful social selling campaign.

Sales Executives – make sure your entire team keeps up to date with all the various forms of technology and social media platforms by sending them regularly to our training programmes. Keeping your staff knowledgeable on the ever-evolving world of social media will help you all achieve success in implementing the best social selling campaign for the time.

Sales Professionals – Gain an understanding the importance of a social media presence, you can begin to market your company and bring in the leads.

Here’s How And Why It Works:

We start with the platform – LinkedIn is the one social platform where B2B decision-makers are present for business purposes and engage there to inform themselves on their industry, make connections with like-minded individuals and maintain and/or build relationships with colleagues. The social selling processes is centered around building a relationships and trust so LinkedIn’s landscape is a perfect fit. It’s not about bombarding random people with marketing messages and hoping they are interested in what you have to say or sell.

From the most bare-bones, the idea of social selling is to identify your ideal prospects, connect with them, observe, use content to position yourself as a leader in your space, and then, when the time is right, seal the deal.

How WSI Can Help.

We’ve designed a unique Executive Coaching program for sales teams where we guide you through the social selling process in an interactive, workshop format.

Technology provides us with the flexibility of either video conferencing or face-to-face in our Dublin office where we will:

  1. ASSESS your sales team’s online presence
  2. TRAIN them to use LinkedIn as a powerful tool by:
    • Creating a professional brand
    • Finding the right people
    • Engaging with insights
    • Building strong relationships
  3. Provide GUIDANCE to your team during the course period.

For more information about our workshop or to get started, start a conversation or email us at [email protected].



Want to work on your own profile? We also offer one-to-one coaching to help build a winning profile for prospecting and acquiring sales leads. Ask us how.

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Does Your Business Need Help Making Sales On Linkedin?