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Social Media

Brand awareness is social marketers’ top priority right now. And if you’re struggling to stand out as a brand, or if you want to shift consumers’ perception of your brand, then social media is an impactful way to do it.

If you get it right, your social media presence can help build your brand’s message and set your personality through the use of tone, language, images, content, and more – are you fun, serious, sarcastic, quirky, provocative or something entirely different?  It’s also a way to speak to your audience in a less formal way.

Social media can also help build consumer trust in your product or service as they get to see first-hand what you are all about. If you get influencers involved in your social media marketing campaigns then this will improve your standing in the eyes of your target audience.

If your social channels aren’t doing this for you, then it’s time to re-think your strategy. Or maybe you are just starting to build a presence and want to get off on the right foot. Either way, setting a solid strategy is your first step.

Creating a social media strategy

The key to being successful and meeting your goals on social media is to build a strong strategy. What does this look like in practice and where do you start when creating a strategy?

Here are some points you need to decide on when building a strategy:

  • Which channels you should use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) – this depends on where your audience spends most of their time
  • What is the goal of each channel (clicks, impressions, visits, mentions)
  • What tone-of-voice you are going to use (silly, sarcastic, formal)
  • What kind of look and feel you will have visually (images, colours, videos)
  • At what frequency you will add posts, and how this will vary per channel
  • What main pillars and priorities you want your content to focus on
  • If you will use influencers to help promote your brand or not, and which market they will target
  • Who will manage your accounts and how much time they will dedicate to the job
  • What are your competitors doing – learn from their successes and failures, what they do well, and what you could improve on.


– Social Media Blogs –

At WSI, we have many years of experience helping companies inspire conversations about their brands on social networks. We have formed many strategic partnerships with social platforms here at our digital hub here in Dublin like Google and Facebook to name a few and continue to work closely with them to make sure that every campaign we carry out is a success.

Together with you, we can build content that represents your brand voice. Whether this involves creating or sharing content, we ensure that your social media presence is built with strategy, thought and care in-line with your core values. If you want to start on this journey, get in touch with WSI to find out more.


While we work with all social networks, depending on your business goals, LinkedIn could be a powerful tool to generate leads, position yourself and your brand as industry leaders, and provide valuable information to your audience through LinkedIn newsfeed posts.

Take a look at our Social Selling (LinkedIn Marketing) page for more information on how we can help you optimize your LinkedIn strategy.

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