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New Product Launch

You’ve created a fantastic new product, and you can’t wait to get it onto the market. You want to create buzz and excitement online but not sure where to start.

You’ve built a plan for your new product, so now you’ll want to put the same time and care into the marketing efforts to launch it. But take a moment before rushing off and creating campaigns to think about how this plan fits into your current brand strategy, perception, identity, and whether the target market is the same.

Creating a Product Launch Strategy

There are many great marketing tactics to consider to help promote your new product: in-store demonstrations, traditional media advertising, and digital marketing. In combination with traditional marketing, or as a stand-alone tactic, digital marketing is a powerful tool to target audiences of all ages and lifestyles – where they are active online.

The first step in creating a great strategy is to make sure you have KPIs (key performance indicators) in place and that you’re measuring all your marketing campaigns against them so you can see what is effective and what is not meeting your targets.

There are lots of different ways that digital can help get your product off the ground. Here are just a few options to consider for your next campaign:

  • Creating a buzz on social media
  • Getting influencers involved to promote your product to their followers
  • Creating a content marketing plan to generate awareness
  • Creating videos for YouTube and your website
  • Running online contests and product giveaways (you could even enlist beta testers)
  • Ramping up your Always-on campaigns and building New Product campaigns that connect to the brand
  • Updating your website assets to reflect the new product or to draw attention to it.

Your new product launch should pack a punch, but it shouldn’t last forever – put a timeframe on it and once you have created a sensation about your new product, you can then dial your marketing efforts dial back to their regular frequency or volume with your new product or service in the mix.

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Something else to consider is when product launches go wrong. Even the heavyweights make mistakes – Amazon’s Fire phone never got off the ground, and Microsoft has made so many failed product launches that there are entire articles dedicated to them!

Don’t panic! If your product launch didn’t go as expected; instead, consider how to react to it and put a positive spin on it. WSI can help you learn from what went wrong so you can improve on it the next time.

Want to Get Some Ideas for your New Product Launch?

At WSI, we offer a number of services that can help you create a range of different digital marketing strategies to provide the best chance of successfully launching your new product. We can work with you and your team to develop and execute plans that get the most out of your marketing budget. We can also help you set KPIs and report back on campaigns in real-terms, so you understand the value of your digital marketing.

Need Help With A Product Launch?