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    WSI IC Discovery Project Support
      WSI IC Discovery Project Support

      WSI IC Support for the Discovery Project

      We know you now understand the power of the Discovery Project as an entry level project when acquiring new clients. Sometimes you need a bit of support to execute. We would like to extend our support to our fellow ICs to see success for the WSI network!  Below are some support packages. If you think this is something you would like to explore, please reach out!

      A) Help me sell it. (350 USD)
      • Briefing call with IC to understand the opportunity 
      • Prep for client call 
      • GOTO Meeting call with IC and client 
      • Debrief call with IC 
      • Fee refunded if client goes ahead and IC chooses Do it for me package
       B) Do it with me (2,500 USD) 
      IC lands a discovery project – now what?
      The “Do it with me” package is an opportunity for more experienced ICs to deliver a number of programme components themselves and leverage the skills of the WSI Digital team where they do not have the skills or experience.
      Some of the benefits of working with the WSI digital team
      • Direct access to all our templates and collateral
      • Build confidence in delivering consulting engagements with the support of a seasoned WSI consulting team who have delivered several engagements like this
      • Ability to position WSI’s global consulting team with your client
      • Tap into WSI Digital’s consulting experience to Facilitate client workshops with confidence
      • Use the discovery project as a spring board to position a pilot project and recurring revenue for your IC business
      • Tap into WSI’s experience in running persona build workshops
      • Do you struggle with putting together a set of recommendations that strike a cord with the client and demonstrate a great case for ROI
      • Session to review key leanings from project
      This programme is based on 20 hours of support from the WSI digital team
      We are happy to put together a tailored programme for ICs that plays to your strenghts and supports the areas that you need help.  However based on our experience we think our support is best utilised in the following areas:
      • Briefing session with IC to understand the project background
      • Kick off meeting with the client where the IC can “pull in” WSI consulting experts
      • Facilitating Persona Build
      • IC pulls together the research and analysis and WSI team helps extract the key insights from the data and help position the Key Findings for the client that will have the biggest impact on their business
      • Brainstorming the solution set for the Digital Marketing Strategy and roadmap.  Help pull together an implementation model for delivering this to the client
      • Support the IC in delivering the Recommendations workshop
      • All client sessions are recorded
      • All comms can be controlled in TW
      • All sessions with IC can be recorded so they can review for future projects
      • Additional bundled hours… 5,10,15
      C) Do it for me (7,500 USD) or position as 2,500 per month for 3 months
      • Fixed price fee for ICs based on assumptions set (*)
      • Recommended client price of 10,000 USD
      • Margin to IC – 2,500 USD
      • Includes delivery of full discovery programme by Cormac,, Kristine and team.  The effort to deliver a project of this scale is a minimum of 65 hours and in some cases be as high as 75 hours.  WSI Digital team takes full responsibility for delivering a successful programme for your client.
        • Agree Discovery milestone dates with IC and client
        • Invite client to Teamwork (WSI PRoject management system)
        • Setup data tracking on client’s digital assets
        • Build out online questionnaire for client team to complete
        • Prepare for client KO meeting (Review and Summarise questionnaire output, compile list of clarification points, prepare virtual persona boards, prepare KO deck and review with IC)
        • Facilitate client KO workshop with IC and agree personas profiles with client
        • Summarise Key actions and takeaways from KO workshop and send comms to IC and client
        • Facilitate Persona workshop with IC and client (typically 1.5-2 hours)
        • Summarise Key actions and takeaways from Persona build workshop and send comms to IC and client
        • Cormac and team undertake detailed research and analysis (2 weeks)
        • Briefing session with IC to review findings 
        • Prepare Key Findings Deck and review with IC
        • Cormac, Kristine and team brainstorm recommended solution set based on Research and analysis
        • Briefing call with IC to discuss proposed digital strategy for the client and approach for pilot 
        • Prepare detailed Digital Marketing road map and strategy deck
        • Facilitate Key findings workshop with IC and client
        • Facilitate Digital strategy and roadmap workshop IC and client
        • Facilitate final Q & A session with client and position next steps for pilot
      • IC is relationship manager and all client workshops are facilitated by Cormac / Kristine
      • Knowledge transfer to IC to help set them up to move to assisted model and ultimately deliver the programme themselves ongoing.