SEO promises: can you spot the scam? WSI undercovers the truth

SEO solutions are in high demand by businesses in every industry and unfortunately, this leads to a rise in digital marketing scams – leaving businesses facing financial loss. Here are some tips from the WSI Network on how to spot SEO scams and get value for your money from a quality digital marketing solution.

  • A fast turnaround: There are simply no quick wins when it comes to effective SEO – it’s simply not how the Google algorithms work. SEO strategies are long-term, require planning, constant revision and a lot of insight into your company as well as your target audience. If anyone is saying that they can guarantee results in a very short or specific time frame, they either don’t know what they’re doing or they’re taking you for a ride.
  • Insider knowledge: The fact is that how Google algorithms work is a very closely-guarded industry secret. In fact, it’s so huge and complex that even Google’s own engineers don’t have full access to this information – so anyone who claims to have insider information isn’t telling the truth. In reality, SEO strategies and understanding of the algorithm is about testing, training on public information, and industry experience. That’s why strategies have to be carefully implemented and continually refined.
  • They offer unbelievable results: It’s common for digital marketing agencies to guarantee that they will get your website ranking on the first page for certain keywords, and that’s not an unbelievable claim. If they are promising to rank you at number one on the first page for a competitive keyword within a limited time frame however, it’s a different story. All digital marketing agencies would love to make this promise, but the fact is that it absolutely can’t be guaranteed, ever.
  • They offer old or poor quality SEO solutions: Google search algorithms are constantly changing and it’s important to know that the reason they are continually refined is to protect customers from scams and low quality service providers. Using old or poor quality SEO practices will therefore hurt your business, not help it. Some common practices that are red flags include keyword stuffing, black hat techniques, private blog networks (PBNs) and trading backlinks.

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